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We’re so confident in the results you’ll see from using Intenz®, that we are offering this very special TRY BEFORE YOU BUY 15 Day Trial Promotion*!

You’ll receive a full 30 day supply of either the Intenz Anti-Aging Duo™, OR Radiance™, OR Resurgence.. All you pay today is the standard shipping and processing fee of $9.95 for the Intenz Anti-Aging Duo OR $5.95 for Radiance OR $5.95 for Resurgence.The 15 Day Trial Promotion includes FREE enrollment in the VIP Replenishment Program. This entitles you to receive a fresh supply every 30 days of the Intenz Anti-Aging Duo for $59.95 OR Radiance, for $49.95 each, OR the Resurgence for $49.95, charged to the credit card you are using today.If you are not completely satisfied with your results, please call customer service at the number listed below to terminate your trial enrollment; you will not receive any additional product and will not be charged for anything else going forward. However, if you absolutely love Intenz®, (which we expect you will!) and keep it past the 15-Day Trial period, your original form of payment will be charged $59.95 for the Intenz Anti-Aging Duo OR $49.95 for Radiance, OR $49.95 for Resurgence. All products in the VIP Replenishment Program are covered by a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. Shipping and processing fees are not refundable.Customer Service 1- 800-400-1287 or via email at [email protected].
*This limited 15-day trial offer is for new customers only. Due to high demand, 15-day trials are currently limited to one per household. Keep in mind all transactions on this website are in USD.